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01. What is covered by the warranty on Ross Bagpipe Bags’ product ?Answer was helpful

If the product has suffered damages from production/material error (after inspection/reseller’s approval) within the warranty period, product replacement and postage will be free to customers. If the product is damaged by accident/careless misuse within the warranty period, Ross will repair the product for free if customer is willing to afford the postage cost.

02. How does the Warranty Period work on Ross Bagpipe Bags’ products?Answer was helpful

All of Ross’s products are covered by a 1-year warranty, while the Red Suede Bag is cover by a 3-year warranty and the Blue Breathable Bag a 2.5-year warranty. All warranty periods are calculated by the DATE on the purchasing invoice, not the production date on the product (if marked).

Questions and Answers of Ross Products


All Ross products are designed and tested in the lab and in the circle. Years of product knowledge mixed with research and experience in manufacturing have lead to a superior product you can rely on.


We back our product! With a 2 year warranty on all our bags.