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Everyone knows nothing is perfect from the start, but with continual testing and listening to our customers, we seek perfection and satisfaction through incremental improvements. Thank you.

  • Improved Stock Holder (Blowpipe Grommet)

    The stock holder (grommet) was made using materials that highly resist moisture, however no one knew that the high HP alkaline saliva from some pipers would cause corrosion to the materials and damage it over time (10 ~ 18 months). The materials of the stock holder have been changed to a totally moisture/HP resistant materials and the problem has totally been resolved since 15/6 /14. In the past 1-year there have been no reports of this issue on any product produced after that day.
  • Fixed Multi-Layer Bonding (Grommet Area)

  • Eliminated Air-Leakage Between Drones and Stock Holders

  • Improved Chanter Neck Seal

  • Fixed Hose Kinking and Elbow Joint Issues

  • Enforced Canister Tenon

  • Modified Silicon Compound

  • Improved Extended Warranty